31 December 2009

it's new year's eve and i'm suppossed be outta here by 1 pm; everyone else in the office is gone! but i work here at the road service center and there was some quick snow storm that blew through here this morning and took everyone by surpise. vehicles were unable to get up hills and then people call and expect a tow truck to get up the same hill. so i guess i'm stuck here until some relief comes in. i was just listening to some insane woman scream, curse, insult, and throw things 'cos she only wants to pay $3 per mile for a tow instead of $5. meanwhile people are stuck in their vehicles on an interstate highway and they are really nice! it's fun stuff!

can't wait to cut out, drop some 'bama, and listen to my favorite radio show "music to spazz by" w/dave the spazz on wfmu. HAPPY NEW YEAR! CHEERS!
I think Santa may be over the weight limit.
Can you imagine giving Santa a ticket? Do cops have no shame?

18 December 2009

santa & krampus

even crouched santa won't be able to hit 50 mph.