26 March 2010

CLOSE-UP 1990, Iranian movie directed by Abbas Kiarostami.

All the actors in the film play themselves, and all the scenes are recreations of actual events, except for a few that unfold "live."

Sly NoCal 1968, photo taken by Jim Marshall, R.I.P.

11 March 2010


if you need any parts for your vintage italian scooter, or if you need to unload some parts, head down to scooters o, 50 s center st, orange, nj on the first day of spring.

04 March 2010

03 March 2010


WFMU is having their fundraising marathon for the next two weeks.  Listen in for all kinds of DJ stunts, fun prizes, great music and great radio.  WFMU is the longest running  free-form station in the nation.   I'm sure you can find a program that you would enjoy.  You can listen on the web here, or if you live in the NYC tri-state area you can listen at 91.1 FM or 90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley and Western Jersey.  They do not take any corporate funding or underwriting.  They play whatever the fuck they want (within FCC guidelines, of course).  Check it out and maybe throw them a coupla beans.   Cheers.

01 March 2010


It's the worst winter in 15 years and I can't take in anymore!  We've been spoiled with some mild winters lately so this one is driving everyone around here crazy!  One to two feet of snow in this area.  E' bella, ma basta!
The weatherman said it's gonna be 48 degrees this weekend.  This a cosmic fucking joke!